Repair and Service

Broken Springs

A Broken Spring is a very common repair.  We carry most springs in our service trucks.  Including ones for one piece garage doors.  The Door will not open with broken or worn out springs.  Call us for a 


Uneven Garage Door

One of the major causes for an uneven garage door could be a broken or spun cable.  Your garage door will not operate properly with the cables not aligned properly.  Call us for a


Lost Remotes

We carry all available brands of Garage door remotes.  If your remote is no longer available we can retrofit a New Receiver to your existing system.  No need to replace your working garage door operator.

Loud Door and Opener

LUBE and SERVICE includes the following:

  • Lube:  Rollers, Hinges, Bearings, Springs and all moving parts.
  • Adjust:  Springs, Operator Limits, and Pressure Force on Opener.
  • Re-align Infrareds, Safety check door and opener.
  • Complete system inspection.

Bad Rollers

Bad Rollers can make your garage door loud.  They can also cause premature wear and tear on your Garage Door Opener.  Plastic Rollers require more service more often.  Ball Bearing Rollers are quieter and require less maintenance. They give you a much smoother garage door system.

Not Opening

Garage Door not opening can be caused by multiple things:  Power Outage, broken or worn out Springs, manually disconnected Opener, spun or broken Cable, bad Rollers, door in need of service,  broken garage door Opener, Garage Door Opener out of adjustment.  Don't Force your Garage Door or Garage Door Opener.  call us for a 



Garage Door Repair

We have access to all available parts to repair your Garage Door and or your Garage Door Opener.  Most of the time they are in stock in our parts Warehouse.  If we can't get the part it doesn't exist.  Never the less we will do all we can to remedy your problem in a timely and cost effective way.

Garage Door Opener Repair

  • We repair and service garage door opener in Ventura 
  •  Repair and service garage door in Ventura 
  • Repair and service garage door in Camarillo 
  • We repair and service garage door opener in Camarillo

We can repair your non functioning Garage Door Opener.  Most of the time its just a simple but highly important adjustment to the limits, and or force adjustments.  if there are broken or worn out parts we can fix or replace them them for you.

What our customers are saying about us

Ed G.

Camarillo Ca:

 "AA Garage Doors were incredible to work with, right from the initial  meeting through the final installation. They were professional and  extremely knowledgeable about their craft and very understanding of any  considerations we might have had. I would recommend them to anyone in  need of new garage doors in a heartbeat! Thank you, Alex! "

Cristina R.

Oxnard, Ca:

 "Extremely impressed with the AA team!  We needed emergency help on a  Sunday and were lucky to find Alex and Alex available and able to detect  and fix our broken garage.  They took us through what they were doing  and why.  From the moment they drove up they were true professionals.   These are the guys to call!"

Cathy L.

Oxnard, Ca:

 "I called AA garage doors yesterday after my door ghost opened a second  time! They were there in 15 minutes & explained what the problem  could have been.  That's what it was & I was pretty relieved I  didn't have to spend a grip of money.  Both Alexs were really helpful,   super professional & easy to work with.  I'd highly recommend this  company to everyone who needs their services!"